About our company


A New Beginning

In February 2019, Matchpoint Financial Corp. whose principals are pioneers in the electronic trading sector in Canada, acquired a controlling interest in Omega ATS Inc. with a plan to offer an innovative and client-focused platform, backed by a team of skilled professionals.

The change of ownership and new corporate name signals a profound change in the direction and focus for Tradelogiq.

Tradelogiq’s strategy is based on four key principles:

  • Partner with clients and provide an independent platform to innovate and compete
  • Offer a low-cost option for market data, connectivity and transactions
  • Offer a simple, effective trade platform to reduce market complexity and overhead
  • Commitment to full transparency and market-leading compliance and operations

We have brought together a group of talented experts to help manage the business and ensure that our marketplaces, Omega ATS and Lynx ATS, run seamlessly.

Since the ownership change Tradelogiq has undergone a complete staff makeover, including:

  • Adding to our technology team, including hiring an experienced technology leader, and enhancing our technology offering to better position Tradelogiq for growth
  • Hiring a senior compliance expert, formerly of the Ontario Securities Commission, the largest regulator in Canada, to reinforce our commitment to full transparency
  • Bringing on an experienced market data professional who has successfully developed sales strategies for emerging technologies
  • Hiring a sales director whose focus is on client relationships and improved sales service
  • Adding a communications and marketing expert for more effective outreach to clients, sector participants and the public

Tradelogiq’s transformation heralds a new beginning for the firm.  We are well positioned to work with our clients to deliver new products and services that complement their business and help them and their clients continue to be successful.

A Powerful Alternative

Since 2007

Omega ATS began operations on December 6, 2007, and became the second Canadian ATS to provide traders with an alternative venue for executions. Omega ATS has been focused on providing marketplaces that are innovative, independent and designed for the Canadian marketplace.

To better serve members of the Canadian investment industry, Omega underwent a full hardware and software upgrade in May 2010, which saw our marketplace become one of the fastest matching venues in Canada.

Following the acquisition by Matchpoint Financial Corp. in February 2019, Omega went through a series of hardware, software, and infrastructure upgrades to ensure we remain at the forefront of leading edge trading systems technology for our subscribers. Through the years, Omega has continually provided value to our subscribers through a combination of industry leading pricing and innovative products.


  • December 2007: Omega launches
  • March 2008: Omega surpasses 1 million shares traded
  • May 2009: Omega announces flat fee pricing model
  • June 2010: Omega launches faster matching engine
  • December 2010: Omega starts trading fixed income instruments
  • November 2011: Omega introduces inverted pricing model for all equities
  • February 2014: Omega launches new marketplace – Lynx ATS
  • January 2016:  Omega ATS and Lynx ATS move co-location facility to Equinix TR2
  • February 2019: Matchpoint Financial Corp. acquires controlling interest in Omega
  • March 2020: Omega announces matching engine upgrade
  • June 2020: Omega changes name to Tradelogiq Markets Inc.
  • July 2020: Tradelogiq completes matching engine upgrade for the Omega ATS and Lynx ATS offering significant latency improvements and enhanced functionality
  • December 2021: XTX Ventures and K2 Principal Fund acquire equity ownership positions in Tradelogiq Group through shares previously held by an original shareholder.

  • April 2022: Tradelogiq Group announces the acquisition of an equity interest by Royal Bank of Canada.