General Testing Environment

We encourage you to take advantage of our testing environments

Users can access Tradelogiq’s General Test Environment (“GTE”) to perform functional testing. New functionality and code changes to be deployed in production will be deployed first within GTE to provide users with an opportunity to test.

Access to GTE is available to permissioned users through their existing connectivity and is accessible on regular trading days between 7:00am and 10:00pm, Monday through Friday. Access to GTE may be made available for weekend testing, upon request.

Testing within the production environment is possible using the available Uniform Test Symbols (“UTS”). To conduct testing with UTS in the production environment, the following processes must be observed:

  • The user must send an email to [email protected] requesting that the desired UTS be made available at a specific time and date. (UTS symbols can only be enabled between 8:00am to 9:00am.) Once the set testing window expires, the symbol will be closed for testing.

  • Tradelogiq will contact the TMX IP and inform them of the symbol and test time, and will confirm the nature of the testing to be performed.

NOTE: Under no circumstances will Tradelogiq send any orders to production or set the NBBO for any testing being conducted by users involving UTS within the production environment. Tradelogiq may only accommodate such requests for testing conducted within GTE.