About Market Data

An Overview of
Tradelogiq’s Market Data

It’s easy to subscribe to Tradelogiq’s Market Data. You can access our Multicast Market Data feed directly via cross connection, or find a tailored solution to match your unique requirements from one of our many authorized Market Data Distributors.

Tradelogiq’s multicast Market Data feed is available via cross connection within the TR2 Equinix Data Centre, and utilizes the ITCH 5.0 protocol and QTP delivery protocol.

The feed includes the following data elements:

  • Order Level Data — Full order depth tracking the life of an order
  • Execution messages — these include regular executions, executions of non-displayed orders and intentional crosses
  • Administrative messages — session level messages, symbol state changes (halted), symbol directory and security information
  • Customized Reports — At Tradelogiq we believe that data-driven insights are key to making better trading decisions.Utilizing Omega ATS and Lynx ATS trading data, our team of market professionals create custom reports that address the specific needs of subscribers, and optimize trading outcomes. We are dedicated to ensuring best execution and consistently improving your fill rates with Tradelogiq.
    If you want to elevate your trading, contact us, and our team of market experts will work with you to produce and customize reports to meet your and your clients’ goals.
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Retransmission Bundles

Retransmission bundles can also be ordered to provide reply access to the last 15 minutes of multicast market data feed broadcast, which helps to maintain data integrity.

Our Data Distributors

Tradelogiq makes accessibility easy through an extensive and growing list of authorized Data Distributors. The solutions offered range from Consolidated Market Data Feeds, Market Data Connectivity, Trade Surveillance, Trade  Order Management and Market Data terminals.

Want to become a Tradelogiq Authorized Data Distributor? Contact us at [email protected].